Lakland 55-02 Skyline

Lakland 55-02 Skyline

Year: 200x

Made In: Korea

Specs: Ash body, one-piece maple neck, maple fretboard

Electronics: Lakland MM & J pickups, Lakland/Hanson preamp

Controls: Volume, Pickup blend, Bass +-, Mid +-, Treble +-,  3-way coil selection switch for the MM. Volume is push/pull to engage/bypass the preamp.


This was a nice bass but, for whatever reason, I never really bonded with it. It’s a clever design built to a high standard, 35″ scale, and plays really well but despite all that, I never really found a real use for it. It covered a lot of ground tonally and perhaps that was the problem. It didn’t really have its own sound, its own stamp of authority which made it indispensable so I eased it on out the door after a year or two.


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