Godlyke Disciple 4

Godlyke Disciple 4

Year: 2005

Made In: Japan

Specs: Ash body, 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: Bartolini MM humbucker & Jazz single coil, 2nd Generation Godlyke 3-band preamp

Controls: Volume, blend, bass cut & boost, mid cut & boost, treble cut & boost

This is a very special bass. I’m particularly fond of this one. There aren’t that many Godlykes out there, there are even fewer Disciples, fewer still, if any others, in the Honeyburst finish and I believe this is the only Disciple which had Bartolini pickups as stock. Made by Deviser, the build quality is really superb with possibly the tightest neck pocket I’ve ever encountered. The Gotoh hardware is rock-solid. It’s a top-class bass, no mistake.

I picked this one and its five string twin up in exchage for a Sadowsky Metro. I think I robbed the guy. Everything about this bass reeks of quality. It’s a very comfortable body, the weight is just right, the neck is fast, the action low and there’s a myriad of great tones in there. The Godlyke 18V preamp does everything you want a three band EQ to do. I had a Stingray when I got this and very shortly afterwards the Stingray was sold. The MM pickup has a rich, throaty growl while the J pickup is very meaty and, combined with the preamp, there’s nothing you can’t do. I’ve used this a lot over the years, it never disappoints.

There’s nothing overly flash here. There’s no flab, it’s just a very well designed instrument executed to a very, very high standard. An underground classic.


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