Ibanez RG550

Ibanez RG550

Year: 2002

Made In: Japan

Specs: Basswood body, 3 piece maple & bubinga neck, maple fretboard

Electronics: EMG 81 & 60 humbuckers, SA single coil.

Controls: Volume, tone & 5-way switch

An all-time classic design, the RG550 was something I always wanted to try. This one originally came with a RG3270 Prestige neck on it. I eventually picked up that RG with the 500 neck on it and righted a wronf, returning both necks to their correct bodies.

The original pickups, the V7-S7-V8, in truth, were pretty crap and I installed a trio of EMGs, 81-SA-60, which did the tone a power of good. The Super Wizard neck is something else, incredibly skinny in terms of depth but quite wide at the nut. The Edge bridge was absolutely fantastic and it was hard to put the thing out of tune.

The neck, initially, was a bit of a departure for me. I usually like chubbier necks but did eventually get used to it. Where I had difficulty though, was picking up other guitars and trying to adjust to a more traditional sized neck and then adjusting back to this. In the end, I picked up a Charvel So-Cal which shares a lot of the same superstrat features but with a slightly more tradtional neck, so I eased this one on out the door after quite a few fruitful years together. A great guitar, but the neck was just too skinny for my hands.


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