Godlyke Disciple 5

Godlyke Disciple 5

Year: 2005

Made In: Japan

Specs: Ash body, 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: SGC MM humbucker & Jazz single coil, Bartolini HR5.3AP/918 preamp

Controls: Volume, blend, bass cut & boost, mid cut & boost, treble cut & boost

The five string twin, I received both Godlykes in a trade for my Sadowsky Metro. I’d rate that as a result. As with the four string, it was a supremely well put together instrument with the lowest action I’ve ever seen on a five string bass. Deviser definitely know how to build great instruments. I replaced the stock Gen 1 Godlyke preamp with a Bartolini unit for a slightly different sound. It was a lovely bass with a powerful low end.

I found myself gravitating to four strings solely, over time, and, as I wasn’t really using this bass much any more, decided to ease it on out the door. Fortunately, I sold it to a good friend, so it stayed within the circle should it ever need to be retrieved.


2 thoughts on “Godlyke Disciple 5

    • If you like the MM type of sound, I’d say definitely. I had a Stingray at the time and, when I got them, I sold the Stingray, just knew I was never going to play it again. It’s the same Deviser crew who built them, so you know what the quality will be like. I preferred the Gen2 preamp with Barts to the Gen1 preamp with SGCs on both counts. The Barts sound better than the SGCs, the Gen2 is a better pre than the Gen1 to my ears. They haven’t made them in a few years, so you’ll have to unearth an old one from somewhere. There’s a neck-through series too, called Deity. They had some interesting 8 and 10 string models. I’d love to get my hands on an 8 string. Last time I spoke with Kevin at Godlyke he still had two or three left, but it was a few years ago. Still, it might be worth asking http://www.godlyke.com/godlyke-contact-information


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