Year: 2004

Made In: Korea

Specs: Mahogany body, three-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: Seymour Duncan SH4 & SH2N pickups, passive crcuit

Controls: Volume x2, tone, 3-way switch

A flying V isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do have a soft spot for them. I picked this up a couple of years ago in a trade and, I have to say, I have a lot of time for this guitar. This is the LTD version of Dave Mustaine’s ESP signature model. It’s a low-frills affair, but despite being the budget brand it’s high quality from one end to the other. As the ends taper to sharp points, it’s huge, almost as big as a bass. I think it’s quite understated for the type of guitar it is, but that might just be me.

As ever, you can’t go wrong with a JB pickup and that’s the cornerstone of this guitar, a great start. There’s a Jazz in the neck, probably Seymour Duncan’s best selling combination of pickups. A Tonepros bridge at one end and Sperzel locking tuners at the other means it stays in tune until you need to change strings. The Dunlop straplocks are sunk into the body, another nice touch.

The neck is chunkier than you’d expect. It’s not a 50’s style neck by any means, but there’s a lot more meat to it than many contemporary Metal guitars. Tonally, it’s a well voiced rock guitar which can go a lot dirtier if it needs to. It’s nice to play, the action can go very low without problems and, if a V rocks your boat, these are well worthy of consideration.


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