Ibanez RG3270

Ibanez RG3270

Year: 2003

Made In: Japan

Specs: Mahogany body with maple top, 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: DiMarzio PAF Pro humbuckers x 2, Blue Velvet single-coil.

Controls: Volume, tone & 5-way switch

This one, despite being a decent guitar, didn’t stay long. It had the neck from the RG550 on it when I picked it up. I returned each neck to the right guitar and it turned out the RG550 was clearly the better player, despite this one being very easy on the eye, so I eased it on out the door. It helped fund the white Bacchus strat, so I am still somewhat fond of it for that reason.


2 thoughts on “Ibanez RG3270

    • I think they’re pretty much the same guitar, the 3270 was the version for the domestic Japanese market. The guy I bought this off got it from Ishibashi. I’ve no idea if there were any actual differences other than the model number.


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