Bacchus JST

Bacchus JST

Year: 2003

Made In: Japan

Specs: Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: Yuta single-coil x 3

Controls: Volume, tone x 2, five-way switch

There’s business and there’s serious business. This one surfaced in Cork, of all places, for very little money but I didn’t have the cash at the time and tried to wipe it from my mind, thinking it would be snapped up immediately at that asking price. A month later, I noticed the ad again and it had the usual tyre kicker comments but looked like it hadn’t sold. I contacted the seller and, to my amazement, it was still available. I travelled down the next day. He opened the case, I saw the three-digit serial number and the deal was done straight away. I’ve contacted Bacchus looking for information but all they could confirm was it was a custom order.

At the risk of not making absolute sense, this is the strattiest strat I have ever played. It encompasses everything, in my mind, which defines a strat to the absolute maximum. It’s hard to articulate, to be honest.

It feels great. It has meaty C shaped neck, small frets, super thin finish with a real old vibe to it. Accordingly, the bridge pickup doesn’t go to a tone control and, while bright, is not unbearably harsh. The one modern concession made is a five-way switch. It’s stratty to a ridiculous level and entirely charming as a result.

This is serious business.


2 thoughts on “Bacchus JST

    • They’re the same as the old BST models, just without the Bacchus logo. I believe they were custom order only but it’s hard to get more info than that out of Deviser. Even the neckplate is blank. The only identification is the serial number which is stamped into the back of the headstock. They haven’t made any with the Fender shape headstock since 2005. Essentially, it’s a vintage spec strat with Bacchus build quality and there’s not much to dislike about that.


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