Fender Stratocaster American Standard

Fender Stratocaster American Standard

Year: 2009

Made In: USA

Specs: Alder body, maple neck & fretboard

Electronics: Bacchus SCC-1 single-coil x 3

Controls: Volume, tone x 2, five-way switch

Keeping the run of Fenders going, this is a recent addition I picked up in a trade. I had initially thought it might be useful as trade bait but I’m starting to warm to it.

It came with Lace Sensors – Blue, Gold, Light Blue which I was interested to try out. Each on their own was rather nice, but they didn’t work as a set. The Blue in the bridge was particularly thin sounding in relation to the other pickups. The Light Blue in the neck was very nice, it must be said. I think a better matched set might have stayed in but I had a set of Bacchus SCC-1 sitting around which came out of the G-Player, so they went in after not too long. They really work well in this guitar. It’s absolutely classic Strat tone now in every position.

The neck on this is quite a bit bigger than I remember either of the American Series necks from my old Strat. Perhaps it’s something which came in when they started calling them American Standards, I don’t know. I don’t mind a big neck, so I’m getting along quite well with it. I’m not sure I approve of going back to the bent steel saddles though, it seems something of a backwards step to me. Overall, this is a nicely put together guitar which is getting played more than I thought it would, so it’ll stick around for the time being.


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