Ibanez SR1300PM

Ibanez SR1300PM

Year: 1994

Made In: Japan

Specs: Mahogany body with padauk top and back, five-piece wenge & bubinga neck, wenge fretboard

Electronics: Ibanez AFR P+J pickups, Vari-mid preamp

Controls: Volume, blend, bass cut & boost, treble cut & boost, Mid cut & boost, sweepable mid frequency selector

It’s fair to say the SR design has stood the test of time. I first became aware of them in the early 90’s, though it wasn’t until about fifteen years later that I finally got around to picking up a four string version, having long lusted after a SR800LE. This SR1300 was from the upper reaches of the range in the mid 90’s, though it wasn’t in great shape when I bought it. It had years and years worth of gunk and smoke beaten into the oiled body, leaving it dull and stinking. I invested a lot of time in cleaning and refinishing it and it really turned out well, see below for before and after pics. I also put an EMG pickup and preamp set into it, which transformed the unremarkable stock tone into something with a bit of pep. Sadly, even though it was very well built, light with very low action and sounded great, the super skinny neck, much like the wizard neck on my RG, never really felt like home. It was just too skinny for me and I eased it on out the door, trading it for a Fender Geddy Lee.

I still keep my eye out for a SR800 though.


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