Bacchus T-Master

Bacchus T-Master

Year: 2007

Made In: Japan

Specs: Ash body, maple neck, maple fretboard

Electronics: Bacchus STP-1, STL-1

Controls: Volume, tone, three-way switch

I’m unrepentant about my praise and love for the u-box and guitars like this are the reason why. Without them, I’d likely have never have discovered Bacchus and, as a result, my life would be a poorer place.

Any Bacchus in my favourite white-blonde finish will grab my attention and I was in a position to pick this beauty up shortly after it appeared on the site. When it arrived, it had barely been played. It was completely unmarked apart from some light scuffing on the scratchplate. Such small things can really make your day.

As ever, it’s incredibly well built and quite light, no doubt partly due to the slightly downsized and contoured body. The neck features Bacchus’ side-scallops, a technique where the sides of the fretboard are filed by hand to make the neck feel played in the first time you pick it up. Using the spoke-wheel nut for adjusting the truss rod is just another simple, but hugely convenient, refinement. There’s a satisfying solid feel to the pots and switch. The whole thing just feels very sturdy and reassuring, like it’s built to withstand serious abuse. It’s the most comfortable Tele style guitar I’ve ever played.

The bridge pickup gives that classic Tele spank we all know and love. The P90 is where it deviates sharply from what you know a Tele can sound like. It’s remarkably fat sounding, warmer than you’d think an ash body and maple neck combination could sound. To be honest, I’ve considered rewiring the P90 so it bypasses the tone control. To my ears, in this guitar the P90 sounds best wide open and the bridge pickup with a little bit of top end taken off and it takes a bit of juggling on the controls when moving from one to the other to make that happen. Either way, it’s a very versatile guitar which covers a huge amount of ground.

I always find myself playing this guitar for longer than I thought I would every time I pick it up.


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