Schecter C7 Blackjack

Schecter C7 Blackjack

Year: 2005

Made In: Korea

Specs: Mahogany body, mahogany set neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: Seymour Duncan JB & 59 humbucking pickups, passive circuit

Controls: Volume, tone, 5-way switch

Bought while I was flirting with seven strings, this was a really nice guitar.  Compared to the LTD I had, it had a much fatter neck, but it was just as playable. It needed a little bit of fretwork when it arrived and the nut needed a little attention too, but the build quality was otherwise really good. The set neck joint was very nicely sculpted like a neck-through. For the money, they’re really good value. All the hardware is good quality, thoroughly reliable and the slightly longer scale made for a good, solid low B. I can’t say anything bad about it but my time with sevens was limited so it eventually got eased on out the door.



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