Marceau Standard Basse

Marceau Standard Basse

Year: 2007

Made In: France

Specs: Ash body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: Marceau J single coils

Controls: Volume, volume, tone

Things have been quiet in these parts, so I’m quite pleased to add the first new addition of the year. I’ve just acquired this one having never heard of this brand previously. It’s a defretted Marceau Standard Basse, No. 2. First impressions are very good. It’s well built, sounds quite lovely, balances and plays very well. The hardware is by Hipshot, CTS and Switchcraft. A little bit of investigation into Marceau instruments and I had no worries about making the purchase.

I was attracted to it by the pickup positions, the neck pickup is 35mm closer to the bridge than a standard Jazz type, with the bridge pickup also 10mm closer to the bridge than standard, and the body is an elegant take on the J shape. It was originally fretted but no has maple inserts nicely in the fret slots, done by Tom Marcaeu himself last year. The nut with a zero fret meant the action was quite high at that end, so I’ve done a little work bringing that down more to my liking and the action is now low along the fretboard with tasteful levels of mwah. I will spend a little bit more time on the zero fret and get it just right, but that will be about as much work as it needs.

As I get to play it more I will update this entry.


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