Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to lay my hands on lots of different basses and guitars and I will try to document my impressions of each over the course of the coming months. Some were great, some were merely ok and some were utter shite, but fun all the same.

I’ve enjoyed the ride. Since I started playing, back in the 80’s, I’ve always wanted to try playing different brands and models of guitars. They all have their quirks, good points and bad and a lot of the enjoyment in playing them is found in the differences. The idea of multiples of the same guitar has never got me giddy. I dig strats, but I don’t need twenty of them, you know what I mean? Hopefully, all this will prove useful to somebody, eventually. If not, at least there will be plenty of gratuitous pictures.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi J, I made a mistake selling my Ibanez Roadster Bass RS-924BS 1979 Brown Sunburst back in 1981. Have regretted it ever since. Tracked it down to a guy in Hawaii that totally disrespected it. If you ever want/need that bass to have a good home with tons of respect it would help this middle aged man close a circle. 🙂


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