G&L El Toro

G&L El Toro

Year: 1987

Made In: USA

Specs: Ash body, bi-cut maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: 2 x mini G&L Magnetic Field humbucking pickups

Controls: Volume, bass cut, treble cut, three-way pickup selector switch, serial pickup switch, preamp on/off two-way switch

It’s quite a rare beast, the El Toro. The Jazz heritage is clear but, aside from the compact body, there’s an awful lot going on under the control plate which makes these very versatile and with enough to distinguish them from the L2000 too.

The narrower MFD pickups offer a slightly tighter low end than the bigger variants found in the L series, albeit with the same humongous output and, as usual with G&L, the bass and treble controls cut, rather than boost. It’s a shame G&L don’t make them any more, they do have a unique voice.

As with almost every Leo Fender designed instrument, it feels quite familiar when you pick it up, your hands know where to go. It’s the bass you grew up with, just refined and tweaked into a very versatile format with a wealth of tonal options.