Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Jazz Bass

Year: 1977

Made In: USA

Specs: Ash body, one-piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: 2 x single coils, passive circuit

Controls: Volume x 2, Tone

When I started playing, 70’s Fenders had a patchy reputation, at best. Time is indeed a healer though and what was once much-maligned is now highly desirable. To be fair, aesthetically they hit upon something good and it’s hard to dislike the look of this one. Although this wasn’t a bad bass per se, the usual foibles of the era were present – sloppy routing, absurdly heavy, etc. It set up ok and played decently enough but tonally it was nothing exciting, entirely unremarkable. I had the opportunity to trade it for a Sadowsky so it got eased on out the door.


Fender Japan JB62-FL 3TS

Fender Japan JB62-FL 3TS

Year: 2004

Made In: Japan

Specs: Alder body, one-piece maple neck, lined fretless rosewood fretboard

Electronics: American Vintage single coils

Controls: Volume x 2, Tone

My first ever purchase from Ishibashi and a great playing and sounding Jazz bass. Fender Japan made some great instruments over the years and the prices were always hard to say no to. This was a no-frills fretless Jazz, really well built and had all the mwah you could wish for from a fretless. I had it for a couple of years before I stupidly got it into my head that I was just going to play five string basses and eased it on out the door. It’s one of the few instruments I genuinely regret moving on, a really nice piece of kit.