Paul Reed Smith McCarty Soapbar

Paul Reed Smith McCarty Soapbar

Year: 1998

Made In: USA

Specs: Mahogany body with maple top, one-piece mahongany neck, rosewood fretboard

Electronics: 2 x PRS P90 Soapbars

Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-way switch


I had wanted to try P90s for a while and an unexpected windfall allowed me to splurge on picking up this PRS McCarty from chrisguitars. The first thing you notice about any PRS is that it oozes quality from every orifice and this one was no exception. It looked great, felt great and was very easy to set up well. I really liked the P90s too, although you really had to reign in the bridge pickup, wide open it had enough shrill high-end to make Albert Collins grimace. All that considered, I don’t think I ever really bonded with it. I liked it, enjoyed it every time I played it, but I never really loved it. After a while I picked up a Bacchus Duke with P90s, which was a lot warmer sounding, and I eased it on out the door in exchange for a pair of Gibsons which both proved deeply disappointing proving you can’t win them all. More on them another day.