Mayones BE4 Africa

Mayones BE4 Africa

Year: 1996

Made In: Poland

Specs: Amazaque body, bete & black oak five-piece neck, wenge fretboard

Electronics: MEC J pickups, MEC 2-band preamp

Controls: Volume, blend, bass and treble cut & boost

Mayones have established themselves as a high-end builder of some repute, though this one dates from a good stretch before that when they were still establishing themselves post-Communism. The Warwick influences are instantly visible and, as it turned out, were more than just aesthetic. The hardware was all Schaller, using Warwick’s designs and the pickups and electronics were all MEC. As a result, it had the Warwick growl down to a tee. It was well put together, if not quite up to the level of the big W, with a very playable neck. It was a fine bass but, ultimately, it was just too close to the Warwick sound to be of real use. I rarely found myself picking it up when the real thing was right beside it, so I eased it on out the door in a trade for the Mustaine V.