Status S3000

Status S3000

Year: 1991

Made In: England

Specs: Mahogany body, carbon graphite neck & fretboard

Electronics: Status Hyperactive J pickups, Status PS1 preamp

Controls: Volume, blend, treble cut & boost

Of all the basses you wouldn’t expect to find an Elvis impersonator selling in the depths of rural Ireland, this one would have to rank somewhere near the top. Complete with the welcome appearance of a trophy wife, it was one of the more surreal experiences I’ve been through to get a bass but, eh, that’s all right.

I’ve no doubt there are better cared for Statii out there but they don’t come up for sale often at all, so I picked this one up knowing some TLC would be required. It looked to have been played extensively, a good sign, and also played as a lefty for a period, not so good. Aside from some scratchy pots and some damage to the body, everything functioned as it should. The neck is straight and true, with a really unique shape. It’s very flat, both the fretboard and the back of the neck. There is no truss rod, but the integrity of the neck is sound and the frets are still in great shape with just the right amount of relief set. The action can be set absurdly low. As expected, you put it tune and it stays there forever.

The Jazz configuration is exaggerated slightly by the bridge pickup being much closer to the bridge than on other basses. It’s a bit too thin on its own but there are a lot of usable tones to be had blending it with the neck pickup. The treble control isn’t the most useful thing I’ve ever encountered, though. Boosting just makes it far too bright for my tastes and cutting it too wooly. I’ll probably use the ample space in the control cavity to install a more sophisticated preamp. I’m also thinking of refinishing it, possibly in a solid colour. I think I have a way to go to really get to what I believe this bass is capable of


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