Strat Building, Part 1

For my current gig with Two Tales of Woe, I’ve been using my black strat so far. We tune down to A and I built this guitar for gigging in B, so it was the logical choice. It has never let me down, I’ve used it at every gig I’ve played since 2009.

It’s a two-guitar band, my first time ever playing with another guitarist, and I’ve no need for the Kahler bridge. Indeed, I’ve started to worry – for the first time ever – about breaking strings and going wildly out of tune as a result, though I’ve no idea why. I love the simplicity and feel of this guitar for live work so I decided to replace the strat body and build a hardtail.

After shopping around I decided to go with an XGP poplar body from GFS. Actually, I decided to build a backup too. Today, this pair arrived, Sea Foam Green and Monaco Yellow. For the money, I’m happy enough. They’re both three-piece bodies and the paintwork is decent enough.

Both will be single humbucker, single volume and I’m looking forward to receiving another reverse headstock 22 fret neck from Warmoth next week.